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Frank Zappa once stated, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Rather than attempt to describe Millish’s music, it would be more worthwhile to cite the musical ingredients that create their music.

Millish is comprised of State Champion bluegrass fiddler Brad Phillips, National Award-winning jazz percussionist Mike Shimmin, World Champion Uilleann piper Tyler Duncan, and Title-Defying-Creative-Mastermind-Insert-Adjective-Here guitarist Jesse Lee Mason, all of whom share an active interest in jazz. Never forcing a preconceived notion of “fusion,” the band has let their music coalesce over the past four years, and it’s already turning heads worldwide. Their debut album earned them an International Acoustic Music Award – before it was even released.

Millish is united by a single musical goal: to participate in the evolution of modern music. Judging by their accolades, they’re well on their way.

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Millish Restless on the Farm

Can the V-Beam Laser Treat Stretch Marks Effectively?

Can the V-Beam Laser Treat Stretch Marks Effectively?

In today’s society with more weight and health problems than ever stretch marks and becoming increasingly common. Despite more people than ever having them they can still be an issue for self confidence and in an age of social media and selfies people can become self conscious about these marks.

Stretch marks are caused when the skin can’t grow quick enough for the body. Generally caused by pregnancy growth, weight gain or by hormone production, the skin comes under stress and proteins break. Then blood vessels are damaged in the skin creating striae or stretch marks.

There has been a lot of research into the causes of stretch marks, and while there are generally no health risks associated with them, there have been a lot of new developments in treating them. V-Beam Laser Treatment is one of these advances.

V-Beam Laser Treatment

A V-Beam laser is a type of Pulse Dye Laser which has been developed specifically for the treatment of stretch marks. A concentrated beam of energy, in light form, is directed at the stretch marks to help treat them. The energy is designed to interact with oxyhaemoglobin and melanin, which are found in the blood vessels and skin pigment.

The light is absorbed by the blood vessels without damaging the skin. This then heats the specific area and causes it to be disrupted without damaging any of the other skin nearby. By delivering this intense light beam into the specific blood vessels, photothermolysis is used to reduce the redness of stretch marks and help with the normal colorizing of the area.

The V-Beam laser treatment has been shown to have good results, but is a bit more limited in certain areas of the body with thicker blood vessels like the legs. It also finds it difficult to go through darker skin colors as the pigment is thicker.

V-Beam Laser Side Effects

Pregnancy Stretch MarksV-Beam laser treatment can cause a few issues and isn’t suitable for people with certain conditions:

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Laser Treatment for stretch marks can have an adverse effect on your body if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding so it’s not suitable.

  • Skin Disease

If you suffer from skin disease like acne or eczema then you may not be able to use the treatment. If it’s present in the area around the stretch marks, then the damage to the skin could prevent it being effective.

  • Certain Skin Types

The treatment won’t be effective and can cause complications for those with certain skin types. Your dermatologist or the V-Beam laser treatment center will be able to give you more information.

The treatment itself doesn’t have many side effects. There can be slight bruising on that area of your body and some redness but overall nothing major.

Using V-Beam Laser Treatment

V-Beam Laser Treatment has shown some significant results for those with very prevalent stretch marks. In time most stretch marks do fade on their own, but Pulse Dye Treatments are allowing for a fairly cost effective short cut. The treatments themselves only last between 10 mins and an hour and you could see some good results.

As with all skin treatments, consult with your dermatologist for more information and to make sure there are no side effects. They will be able to tell you about a range of different treatments available and which one will be best for you.


Hiring the Best Mold Removal Outfit

Hiring the Best Mold Removal Outfit

If you’re not sure which firms are capable of supplying trustworthy services in your location, look online for those who have actually published consumer reviews. Ask family and friends if any of them have utilized remediation services and find out what their experiences were.

If you discover it hard to find sufficient objective testimonials online, ask different mold remediation firms to provide contact details for previous clients so that you can investigate yourself. Definitely ask those previous customers if the issue was completely removed, but also ask if the prices and the level of work guarantee reach your requirements likewise.

Mold testingMake sure that any company you evaluate has proper accreditation and continuing training for each of its specialists. Ask when the work can start and do your utmost to arrive at a firm date for its conclusion, as what you don’t wish to do is get associated with a situation where your elimination task does not command the level of attention it is worthy of.

When you require mold remediation in Greenville SC, put in the time to search for a professional who will ensure that the work is done properly, and by knowledgeable technicians who understand all the prospective hiding spots where mold can be found and gotten rid of. You might not be aware of this, however mold that shows up on top of a wooden floor has typically already been growing within the floorboards too. Just by putting a qualified professional on the job will you be confident that the remediation was complete.

The problem is that visible mold is usually just a final manifestation of the issue, and you cannot make sure exactly where the rest of it is. Something is for sure. Mold can be both visible and undetectable depending on where it’s located, but in both cases, it can be incredibly damaging from a health standpoint.

Lots of homeowners and small company owners will find mold inside their buildings and make the mistake of believing that treating it is an easy matter of cleaning away only what appears on the surface. To the naked eye, it may appear that the problem has been dealt with.

Further, any kind of hold-up in starting remediation of mold can enable it to spread further, ultimately resulting in possibly higher expenditure to have it gotten rid of. With a bit of an evaluation upfront, you can be far more certain that you have given the agreement to a trustworthy professional.

The Popularity of the Hoodie

Did you know that the military was the birthplace of the sweatshirt?. Because troops that are in basic training are often outside in subpar weather, not to mention unfriendly climates, armies began ordering sweatshirts in bulk. What the Army once discovered is now a mainstream staple in the worldwide clothing marketplace. With that comes an amazing variety of styles. With sweatshirt, the type of fabric you choose is an important consideration.

under armour hoodies have style and versatilityTrends are variable but they swing between 100% cotton varieties and the more breathable poly cotton blends that are often lighter in weight. Athletic varieties of sweatshirts tend to use more polyester, because it breathes more readily and stretches far better than cotton. Manufacturers are happy about this because the cotton polyester blends are far less expensive to produce. One thing all sweatshirt varieties have in common is the ability to protect one from the elements. This includes not just cold-weather, but driving rain and howling wind. There was a time when coats were the primary resource used for these purposes, but the marketplace today favors lighter, less bulky items. Sweatshirts have, over time, become more stylish as well.

There’s so much customization available to help you with your selection. The overwhelming bulk of sweatshirts are still purchased at physical store locations, because this customization is considered so important by the consumer, not to mention achieving the proper fit. This has the added benefit of being able to try on the product to make sure that it’s a smooth fit for the buyer. Obviously, shopping online can often be less expensive but comes with possible confusion about the quality and manufacturing standards of what you order. Most clothing comes from southeastern Asia, and because the population in that section of the world tends to be a bit shorter and smaller than some other continents, you have to be really careful when selecting a size from an online store. It’s important to use online outlets where consumers are given an opportunity to write unbiased reviews about the products. This gives you an opportunity to get objective information about fabric durability and the cut, or fit, of whatever you buy.

If you shop carefully online, and take these things into consideration, you’ll significantly lower the odds that you’ll have to return an item because it did not meet expect expectations. And quality is important in clothing purchases. Reviews will sometimes let you know that manufacturers have inconsistent patterns of quality, and you’ll want to stay away from those items. Some manufacturers will take whatever comes their way, and even reviews can’t be counted on, when they use a different quality of material from week to week. The earliest variety of sweatshirt that became popular was the pullover. There’s no hood with the pullover, but they do excel at keeping one warm and outside weather. This sweatshirt comes with no hood, but typically has a ribbed cuff and bottom. Popularity of these surged in the 1970s, as consumers flock to them for comfort and because they have the ability to be customized with logos of sports teams and other areas of interest.

Large corporations began to source pullovers from overseas, and companies like Reebok, Adidas and Nike discovered that putting their logo on athletic wear was an opportunity to create free advertising and still charge premium prices. They were able to charge premium prices for doing so, so they got the added benefit of higher margins and essentially free advertising!

Soon after, colleges got into the act as well. Athletic departments license their logos, and not long after, fraternities and sororities began to do the same. This group bond was not just popular on college campuses, but pullovers became the norm at almost every sporting event. And because a lot of sporting events are held outdoors, often in very cold climates, the pullover eventually morphed into what’s known today as a hoodie.

In simple terms, this is really just adding a hood to the traditional pullover. But it’s become far more than that over time. There are a lot of choices available when selecting custom printed hoodies these days. Obviously, for those who work in extreme conditions, the addition of a hood was a perfect development.

These help to keep wind and rain off your shoulders and back, and with adjustable drawstrings, can help hold in body heat when you’re outside for extended periods of time. Still, you will want to use a fabric as breathable as possible. Otherwise, perspiration can become an issue with lots of activity. These are also made with either cotton or cotton polyester blends, and are seen at most athletic events, worn by both participants and spectators alike. Depending on your needs, you can choose 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blends designed to make the fabric more breathable.

And it’s no longer just sports teams that have embraced the customization trend. Specialty manufacturers mass-produce hoodies in everything from camouflage patterns, useful for those who like to hunt and fish, to bright colors for those who want to make non-sports fashion statements. At one point, sweatsuits were popular. These added sweatpants to an athletic version of the traditional pullover to create a unified look designed around comfortability. Companies such as Under Armour have developed advanced materials designed to wick away sweat and hold in body warmth. These are popular in gyms and with athletes who primarily compete in outdoor events.

The Buzz on Millish

“Watch out for this group, they will go places!”

– International Acoustic Music Awards

“Mighty things will come from Millish. They combine the seasoned edge of professionals with the cutting edge of the next generation. Erin Go Brough!”

-Tom Ball, Board Vice-President of Wheatland Music Organization


” A real crowd pleaser.”

-Tom Murray, Owner of Conor O’Niells Irish Pub

“Millish’s music sets your blood on fire and helps your heart to soar.”

-Sue Palmer, Director of the Acousticat


-Natalie MacMaster

“The synergy created by this group of musicians transcends what one might expect to hear from a Celtic oriented quartet. Millish has a wonderful ability to present serious music with a playful ‘dare me not to’ attitude towards arrangements and genres of their selections. The ‘Full Millish’ is a great musical experience to be exposed to!”

-Sheila Graziano, Director of the Saline Celtic Festival

“This is an absolutely fabulous band.”

-EMMY award-winning Kitty Donohoe





“Millish has been playing for just two years, mining a vein of Irish music, melting it down, and adding cultures with the zeal of a slightly deranged chef. . . “

– The Ann Arbor Observer

“This is the kind of group The Ark is all about: young, extremely high

caliber musicianship. This is a band with a future.”

-Dave Siglin, Artistic Director of The Ark