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In today’s society with more weight and health problems than ever stretch marks and becoming increasingly common. Despite more people than ever having them they can still be an issue for self confidence and in an age of social media and selfies people can become self conscious about these marks.

Stretch marks are caused when the skin can’t grow quick enough for the body. Generally caused by pregnancy growth, weight gain or by hormone production, the skin comes under stress and proteins break. Then blood vessels are damaged in the skin creating striae or stretch marks.

There has been a lot of research into the causes of stretch marks, and while there are generally no health risks associated with them, there have been a lot of new developments in treating them. V-Beam Laser Treatment is one of these advances.

V-Beam Laser Treatment

A V-Beam laser is a type of Pulse Dye Laser which has been developed specifically for the treatment of stretch marks. A concentrated beam of energy, in light form, is directed at the stretch marks to help treat them. The energy is designed to interact with oxyhaemoglobin and melanin, which are found in the blood vessels and skin pigment.

The light is absorbed by the blood vessels without damaging the skin. This then heats the specific area and causes it to be disrupted without damaging any of the other skin nearby. By delivering this intense light beam into the specific blood vessels, photothermolysis is used to reduce the redness of stretch marks and help with the normal colorizing of the area.

The V-Beam laser treatment has been shown to have good results, but is a bit more limited in certain areas of the body with thicker blood vessels like the legs. It also finds it difficult to go through darker skin colors as the pigment is thicker.

V-Beam Laser Side Effects

Pregnancy Stretch MarksV-Beam laser treatment can cause a few issues and isn’t suitable for people with certain conditions:

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Laser Treatment for stretch marks can have an adverse effect on your body if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding so it’s not suitable.

  • Skin Disease

If you suffer from skin disease like acne or eczema then you may not be able to use the treatment. If it’s present in the area around the stretch marks, then the damage to the skin could prevent it being effective.

  • Certain Skin Types

The treatment won’t be effective and can cause complications for those with certain skin types. Your dermatologist or the V-Beam laser treatment center will be able to give you more information.

The treatment itself doesn’t have many side effects. There can be slight bruising on that area of your body and some redness but overall nothing major.

Using V-Beam Laser Treatment

V-Beam Laser Treatment has shown some significant results for those with very prevalent stretch marks. In time most stretch marks do fade on their own, but Pulse Dye Treatments are allowing for a fairly cost effective short cut. The treatments themselves only last between 10 mins and an hour and you could see some good results.

As with all skin treatments, consult with your dermatologist for more information and to make sure there are no side effects. They will be able to tell you about a range of different treatments available and which one will be best for you.