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Women’s health is a big industry, and for good reason: Women need vitamin, mineral, and other supplements to stay healthy, even more so than men. Furthermore, women are more likely to take care of their bodies than men so they are more likely to buy health produces. Because of this, there is a whole industry dedicated to advertising health products toward women and women only. Remember when there was not men’s vitamins in the pharmacy, only women’s and genderless vitamins?

But like I said, this is not without a good reason. Women need health supplements much more than men so they really need to do research and make sure they stay healthy. To help women stay healthy, I am sharing three important supplements for women of all ages:


Older women frequently have brittle bones because their bodies do not have any calcium anymore (the same thing can happen to older men, and sometimes even middle aged men). Calcium on the other hand makes it so that your bones will stay strong throughout your life. Your body’s ability to absorb calcium decreases with time, so calcium supplements are not only for older women. Younger women as well need to take calcium supplements, possibly even more than older women, because their bodies can better take in the calcium and strengthen their bones with it. In a way, eating calcium when your younger can act as an as a good prevention measure against having brittle bones later in life.


Unlike men, women’s bodies expel large amounts of iron, so many women are iron deficient. Menstruation is why they expel it when they are younger, so unlike calcium deficiency which (though it develops first when women are younger) truly primarily affects older women, iron deficiency effects younger women. Furthermore, women are less likely to eat certain types of meat that are rich in iron than men. These two things combined, losing iron every month as well as not eating enough red meats, causes iron deficiency in women which can cause many symptoms, such as weak muscles, weakness in breath, and tiredness throughout the day.

Pure Forskolin Extract

Forskolin extract is a trending natural weight loss supplement that burns fat extremely fast. This supplement is based on Coleus Forskohlii root some of the benefits of forskolin are:: it accentuates muscles and strengthens bones and helps burn fat faster in men & women.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for women throughout their lives, whether they are children, in college, or adults. Older adults whose bodies are not as healthy as they were when they were younger or middle aged can be especially susceptible to the ill effects of vitamin A deficiency. Not having enough vitamin A can be bad because it reduces your ability to see at night.

This can compound the bad effects of not having enough calcium. For example, if it is a cold, winter night with sleet falling from the sky and ice on the sidewalk. In this scenario, people who cannot see at night very well and have brittle bones can break a hip and possibly even their ribcage and die.