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“Watch out for this group, they will go places!”

– International Acoustic Music Awards

“Mighty things will come from Millish. They combine the seasoned edge of professionals with the cutting edge of the next generation. Erin Go Brough!”

-Tom Ball, Board Vice-President of Wheatland Music Organization


” A real crowd pleaser.”

-Tom Murray, Owner of Conor O’Niells Irish Pub

“Millish’s music sets your blood on fire and helps your heart to soar.”

-Sue Palmer, Director of the Acousticat


-Natalie MacMaster

“The synergy created by this group of musicians transcends what one might expect to hear from a Celtic oriented quartet. Millish has a wonderful ability to present serious music with a playful ‘dare me not to’ attitude towards arrangements and genres of their selections. The ‘Full Millish’ is a great musical experience to be exposed to!”

-Sheila Graziano, Director of the Saline Celtic Festival

“This is an absolutely fabulous band.”

-EMMY award-winning Kitty Donohoe





“Millish has been playing for just two years, mining a vein of Irish music, melting it down, and adding cultures with the zeal of a slightly deranged chef. . . “

– The Ann Arbor Observer

“This is the kind of group The Ark is all about: young, extremely high

caliber musicianship. This is a band with a future.”

-Dave Siglin, Artistic Director of The Ark